Re: [Harp-L] "Breaking in" a harmonica

I have had four SS reed failures. All were top end blow reeds with VERY little playing time on the reeds, two on a Low E Session, two on an A Silver. My experience on Hohner brass reeds with the same keys has been much better. I believe the stiffer SSteel may have difficulty dealing with the short reed pressed into a bend.


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I was kind of surprised by the contributor who has had two Seydel Session
Steels commit suicide in short order. I have only ever succeeded in "doing
in" brass reeds. Maybe I am not attacking my harmonicas aggressively enough.

Since I bought my first Seydel 1847 with stainless steel reeds a fair few years ago I have become a 'convert' to Seydel and stainless reeds. I expect them to last forever - or at least long enough.

So far (touch wood and crossed fingers) I have been lucky.


Aongus Mac Cana

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