[Harp-L] Roy Hargrove solo cover

Jerome P. jersimuse@xxxxx
Fri Dec 22 13:22:48 EST 2017

Nice story :-)
Whatever person he is, I guess it's been a rich moment & experience playing
with such a musician.

Le 22 déc. 2017 13:59, "Michael Rubin" <michaelrubinharmonica at xxxxx> a
écrit :

> Sounds great!
> This presents a name dropping opportunity!
> I ws in Tel Aviv in a music club.  I noticed a bunch of people were trying
> to get in the club but the doorman would not let them in.  I went up
> close.  It was Roy Hargrove and friends!  They were trying to get in free.
> I let the doorman know who he was and they got let in.
> The band called both me and Hargrove up at once, so I got to play with him!
> The following week I was home in Austin and by coincidence he was playing
> here.  I went and spoke to him after the show.  I said, "Remember me?  I
> played with you in Israel last week?"  He said, "And now you're here."
> To be honest, that sentence could be read a multitude of ways but coupled
> with his delivery I smelled something snarky about it as if he was saying,
> "That may be amazing to you, but it is nothing to me.".  My reading of it
> has always colored my feelings about him as a person, but he is a great
> player and the performance of the whole band was mind blowing.
> Michael Rubin
> michaelrubinharmonica.com
> On Fri, Dec 22, 2017 at 5:05 AM, Jerome P. <jersimuse at xxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> I haven't posted for a while.
>> Here is a training session : a solo cover from the famous trompettist,
>> played on a C harmonica.
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLkEgV_0FSQ
>> Merry christmas to you all !
>> Jerome
>> www.jeromepeyrelevade.com

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