Re: [Harp-L] diminished chromatic for blues

Thank you, Eugene! It's a lot of interesting info. I'm reading the article now :)

On 27.10.2015 18:15, Eugene Ryan wrote:
Hi Konstantin,

Thanks for the kind words! The other two guys are players who play diminished tuning; I don't have sound samples or links other than the angelfire one below. There are more, now that I think of it, chrotrane and Grant Osborne. There were other players who started off with diminished tuning but I don't know if they kept it up - I've lost track of the various players who started out on dimi. G had the original articles on angelfire about the diminished tuning that created some interest in the tuning:

I think Jason and I got into it fairly seriously about the same time after reading the article... there was Dr Yeadon who played before that and of course possibly other players.

On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 3:24 PM, Konstantin Kolesnichenko <wheel.k@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:wheel.k@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Hello, Eugene! I'm happy to read such good words from you! I love
    this track. Beautiful sound and amazing playing!
    I know Jason Rogers, we are friend on FB :). His article about the
    lines on dimi opened my eyes! But I don't know who is JP and G. If
    you have time please give me the links to their playing :) I'm
    very interested in it!

On 27.10.2015 12:32, Eugene Ryan wrote:

Hey K,

Sounds great as usual! Agreed that the tuning is very logical.

        Yep, there are a few people using diminished chrom including
        Jason Rogers,
        JP, G and others. I play it all the time and used it on this
        track on a CD
        by Argentinian harpist Athy (the unison melody is another tuning):

        I don't have a lot of tracks recorded with it although I plan
        on doing some
        recording in December.


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