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> Leo Fender labeled amps as "Tremolo" when it was actually vibrato which is
> akin to chorus.

(Ah, yes...technical language and their understood meanings.)

Each may have some similar sounding characteristics.

Tremolo is steady, cycling change in volume (Although double-reed harps
were sold with this descriptive term)
Vibrato is a steady, cycling change in pitch

Chorusing attempts to create the moving waves that occur when two signals
(voice, guitar, harmonica) occur nearly in unison. The most popular use of
SLOW chorusing is to simulate overdubbed, or double-tracked vocal. (guitar,

Since no two takes of human voice, guitar, harmonica are identical, there
are slight RANDOM variations in PITCH and in TIMING. Chorus can emulate
PITCH variations, but not random TIMING.

When Chorusing is set faster, the vibrato effect is stronger because there
is a rapid pitch change.

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