Re: [Harp-L] sticky slides

Yes, Vern, I see that I did forget your floor polish method, sorry, thanks for the reminder.  I do have a can of it here, and have tried it (once) with no real thoughtful testing, I think I just wanted to see how it tasted.  I remember that it tastes the same as it smells, very sanitary smelling, and that, with lots of polishing, seems to not get in the way.....Still, I find that no matter what, the slides do stick, and that just comes with the instrument. Not practicing it at all helps, of does not minding the three minutes it takes to clean the slide.  I use barkeeper's friend, a thick plastic-ish chopping block from the kitchen, a toothbrush, sometimes a brass wire  brush from Pep Boys (Manny, specifically, ), and at times, some crocus cloth, when the slide is really dry. Still, takes less than five minutes, unless you drop some of the small mouthpiece parts into the carpeting.

Other interesting ways that the chromatic harmonica will turn on you (which, it turns out, have both good and less good ramifications) can be found on my site, especially the page listed under Repair<<<<Oops, it broke!

You'll find a great hearing test that involves buying Winslow's book.... a sure-fire way to test your hearing.

or not, of course...there may or may not be a link to my site below. If not, and you're interested or even feigning interest, you'll find it, with a little bit of work, which reminds me.....

happy labor day....

jon kip

player of music, mostly written by dead people and played on a toy that everybody's Uncle except my nephew's has the good sense to keep safely out of sight in a drawer.

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