[Harp-L] sticky slides

bottom line on sticky slides:

It happens

you deal with it....having multiple instruments is handy. A blow from a small hammer works wonders to loosen the slide, but only if, by "works wonders", you mean "it bends the end of the slide so you have to replace the slide on what turns out to be  the LAST time you try that previously very effective trick".

For the slides on my particular instruments, hohner deluxe 270s, which is all I know about, the less tolerance in the U channel , the more often the slide sticks. I'd rather have the occasional sticking slide than the constant air leaks. 

I use water, I use food grade silicon lubricant,,  I use trombone slide oil, I use nothing, and at times, i use food itself........ there are so many variables that it's impossible to tell what works best. The slide works, you've succeeded...the slide sticks, you can, of course, decide to fully immerse yourself in  either the key of C or the key of Db. (and the related minor keys)

It is supposed to help if you rinse out your mouth after eating, but I don't know...it makes sense, but I've not tried it.

One of my students takes heart medications, and his spit welds the mouthpiece parts together very nicely in a very short amount of time. That said, there is, for him, a brief period where the slide assembly is really really airtight.....

Like three of the eight  things in Life, it's a compromise.


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