Re: [Harp-L] Issue with Bushman Delta Frost case

It all comes down to how we grew up. I had gone to 11 grade schools, 3 high schools,  a trade school, etc. moved at least a couple dozen times, mostly between N.Y and Europe,   and never had a chance to hoard anything. There was no place to keep it. So, I grew up with no possessions. :(  And that tendency still holds. Some people live in the same house (even 3-4 generations). They usually have lots of good stuff. :) 


On Jul 17, 2012, at 11:31 AM, Tom McGovern wrote:

> Call me eccentric, but I've kept every harmonica case from every
> harmonica I've purchased since 1968.  I've got a banker's box full of
> them; all different brands.  It's cool to see the changes over the
> years.  Yet, having just had to clean out the home of my deceased
> mother-in-law, and fill a dumpster with all the "important" stuff she
> hoarded all these years, I guess I'll stop saving my old shoe laces
> (hey, that one's not broken), bits of wire and received greeting cards.
> But, I ain't getting rid of my old baseball cards or harp cases!
> Tom McGovern
> Richmond, MI

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