[Harp-L] Issue with Bushman Delta Frost case

Hello all.

I've got a questing regarding a Bushman Delta Frost D I picked up a few
weeks back:

The short version: I like this harmonica, but the case is too large for the
actual harp.  It rattles around in case.  Did I get a bad case?  Anyone
else have this issue?

The verbose version:

I should say that this is only my third harp.  The first two have been a
cheapo Hohner Bluesband C (which served me well.. but you get what you pay
for), and a Hohner Golden Melody C.  The Golden Melody came in a case that
was form-fit to the harp: I can shake the case and the harp barely moves
inside of it.  Looking online at other harmonica brands/cases... it looks
like this is somewhat typical (but I don't know first hand... so I'm not
here accusing Bushman of selling lousy harps or anything).

The Bushman Delta Frost D I bought a few weeks ago has WAY too much space
in the case.  It has about an extra quarter inch of space.  When I bought
the harp, it came with a little Bushman flyer wrapped around the harp...
and it was tight with this flyer in the case.  Now, I've taken to folding
up a paper towel and leaving that in the case so that the harp doesn't
rattle around when I leave it in my pocket.

So, did I get a defective case?  Is this actually a typical harmonica case
and I should stop my whining about it?

What says the mighty Harp-L?


William Krueger

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