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Good point, David. I always keep cases. Have done so for years. I put extra harps in whatever I have that the harp will go in. Since I frequently change harps for different situations, they're constantly going in and out of my harp belt and into the empty box.

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it is something you'll have to live with, a lot of cases aren't perfect. I'm going to take this opp to ramble about cases.

The thing about cases is they are really expensive. I'm not kidding, they are really expensive.
One of the many hats I wore at Harrison was the-guy-who-works-to-find-an-acceptable-case-for-the-B-radical hat. Now, the B-radical came in this oversized cloth bag with a drawstring. It was kind of cool, and it worked find because the B-radical had crush-proof covers, but nobody at HH was satisifed with it and we had enough problems getting product out without holding stuff back while we found the perfect case, so we had those bags. But even those cost money to make, right?
The thing about cases is most harp players don't use them, they just throw them away - so you're pouring all this money into something that 80 percent of the customers will throw away - which I why I think cases should be largely optional.
Cases often get shuffled between models and used for models they were never intended for. One example would be these Seydel boxes from the 1990s. On the top, there was a label with some African scene, but under that label - I steamed it off to see - was a Country and Western Label, under that label was a Bandmaster Solist label. So, this one box had been used for three models before it was ever sold.
There was a cloth case that Michael Peloquin had come up with for the B-radical before I got there. Brad wasn't crazy about it, but I sure was. I still carry my B-rad - which is always in my pocket - in it. I'm going to have something like this as Elk River single-cases. I was checking on prices for these from outfits in the heart of Yankeedom and I was getting quotes like $10 each if I bought like 30 of them, which means I obviously gotta sell them for more than $10 each - it looks like though they are going to be made in West Virginia.

My point anyway, is harmonica cases are expensive. Thus a lot of cases do double duty. That case was probably not designed for that harmonica. It's the way it is. When I was a kid, I bought Marine Bands, Blues Harps and some Golden Melodies. They all came in the same case. I mean, they were different colors, but the cases were all the same. The only difference was the bottom insert of the case.

David Payne

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Hello all.

I've got a questing regarding a Bushman Delta Frost D I picked up a few
weeks back:

The short version: I like this harmonica, but the case is too large for the
actual harp. It rattles around in case. Did I get a bad case? Anyone
else have this issue?

The verbose version:

I should say that this is only my third harp. The first two have been a
cheapo Hohner Bluesband C (which served me well.. but you get what you pay
for), and a Hohner Golden Melody C. The Golden Melody came in a case that
was form-fit to the harp: I can shake the case and the harp barely moves
inside of it. Looking online at other harmonica brands/cases... it looks
like this is somewhat typical (but I don't know first hand... so I'm not
here accusing Bushman of selling lousy harps or anything).

The Bushman Delta Frost D I bought a few weeks ago has WAY too much space
in the case. It has about an extra quarter inch of space. When I bought
the harp, it came with a little Bushman flyer wrapped around the harp...
and it was tight with this flyer in the case. Now, I've taken to folding
up a paper towel and leaving that in the case so that the harp doesn't
rattle around when I leave it in my pocket.

So, did I get a defective case? Is this actually a typical harmonica case
and I should stop my whining about it?

What says the mighty Harp-L?


William Krueger

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