[Harp-L] Suzuki SUB-30 & "Double Reed" bends

Laurent Vigouroux laurent.vigouroux@xxxxx
Wed Aug 23 11:49:47 EDT 2023

Hello Rick

Looks like we have different background and point of view, which is great as it allows to debate and elevate each other 😊

“Both reeds continue to vibrate, producing not only the sought for note, but a lot of harmonics, which is why it sounds so much richer than an 'overbend'. An OB is a single reed bend, played in reverse; that is to say, the air is flowing from tip to rivet (or anchor point)”
Actually, while it’s true for most holes,  I believe this is not true for all the notes. As I pointed out, 3”’ is actually a 3 overdraw in essence. And the 2” is a 2 overdraw. Only the blow reed is vibrating and we’re drawing -> overdraw
And the 3’ is only the draw reed vibrating with less speed (no implication of the blow reed to produce this note).

But I’m nitpicking a bit there 😊

What’s important is that the tongue position to produce bends and overblows are exactly the same on a given hole (4’ = 4°, 6’=6° in terms of tongue positions).
Actually there even is only 4 tongue positions to produce all the bends and overbends!

For examples all these notes are produced with the same tongue position:
2’, 3”, 4’, 6’, 4°, 5° and 6°
And these one share the same other tongue position:

Finding these tongue positions allows to play melody and licks involving these notes with a good sound.
All this has been discovered by Sébastien Charlier.

Going back to the sound itself. You’ve said:
“All due respect to all those great overbenders out there; but I can spot an OB a mile off. Sounds like a reed being tortured in solitary confinement to me!
I guess you haven’t the chance to ear great overbenders yet 😉
I would bet one of my harps you would not be able to spot the overnotes on Sebastien Charlier’s and Jérôme Peyrelevade’s albums (I’m citing them because I know their albums well).

Actually, I tend to think that even me, an amateur player, can produce rather clean overnotes.
I’ve recorded 3 phrases using overblows for an article I’m preparing for Planet Harmonica.
It seems to me they don’t sound too bad.
The first one is actually the tricker to make sound well, and I do hear the overblows when I listen to it. But I would say it’s reasonable.

I would be happy to have your feedback.

Happy Harpin’


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