[Harp-L] Looking for some quick chromatic purchase recommendations.

Emily Keene esalisburykeene@xxxxx
Tue Aug 22 16:25:40 EDT 2023

 "Fella gifted me his 65 year old 64 Chromonica one day after
 approaching me during a break at a festival gig. Nice. Needs work. A year
 later this morning calls me up asking for a harmonica purchase
 recommendation, some model of button chrom. Wants to play "Oh anything.
 Cowboy music."

I LOVE my Seydel Deluxe chromatics. Aside from the easy availability of
parts, the ability to configure them, and being generally well made, the
standard plastic comb is a BIG plus. I've had Hohner 64 pearwood combs
split on harmonicas that I barely played. The place I buy from ships almost
instantly, and while it's only "local" if you're in San Diego, he IS a
small business.

Best, emily

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