[Harp-L] re suzuki sub 30 archive search

owner-harp-l@xxxxx owner-harp-l@xxxxx
Tue Aug 22 19:51:28 EDT 2023

Where you will find an archive search of the harp-l archives that works
pretty well is here,

Scroll down to the second heading, Using Harp-l  At the bottom of the
section there is a search bar, it says enhanced by google.  Type your
search term in and hit the grey ? box on the right of the page.  You'll
get some results not from harp-l but the majority of them are posts that
are archived.  The links that are returned are clickable.   You can wade
through them there or if it appears that  there is a thread and you'd like
to read it all in order note the date then scroll up to the archive link
also in the Using Harp-l section and click it to get to the archives, if
you know the date you can select it and use the sort function then read it
all in a row.  There are more than a few Suzuki sub 30 and related
harmonica posts in the archive.  harp-l-listowner

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