[Harp-L] Chess Records museum visit

David McCurry david.mccurry@xxxxx
Mon Oct 17 12:17:21 EDT 2022

Just wanted to promote the Chess Records museum and Willie Dixon's Blues
Heaven organization. My wife and I spent a wonderful 2 hours there, with a
great tour guided by Janine Judge. Walking up the original wooden stairs
and using the same handrail as Sonny Boy II and Little Walter, quite the
rush. Sitting in the original studio used by so many greats in American
blues... nothing can compare.

I bet lots of y'all know about this place, but if you don't and you have a
couple hours to spare in Chicago, it is a mandatory pilgrimage for harp
players. Enjoy.

*Dr. Dave McCurry*
indigorootsmusic.com <http://www.indigorootsmusic.com/about.html>

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