[Harp-L] Blast from the past

Gary Lehmann gnarlyheman@xxxxx
Sat Nov 19 13:15:55 EST 2022

Welcome back!
Still lots to talk about, harmonica makes a great stocking stuffer!
PS I have too many harmonicas, maybe I will leave one out for Santa.

On Fri, Nov 18, 2022 at 3:08 PM Peter Brunelli <peter.brunelli at xxxxx>

> Hi folks,
> I was active on Harp-L 20+ years ago under tenholer at xxxxx It was
> pretty wild at times on the list, including a few server crashes I
> played a part in recovering (not causing!). I have been playing bass and
> guitar and recording over the years, and mostly play improvised music in
> the New Haven, CT area. Harmonica came into the picture while I was on a
> hiatus from the strings and I value the experiences of the community and
> the learning process I engaged in here.
> When it came time (now) to liquidate some of my harp collection I wanted
> to start here instead of a generic auction site. I had some mechanical
> respiratory issues that made me put down the harp 20 years ago and as a
> result I have some extremely clean/unused harps that I would like to
> pass on. But before that I wanted to say hello and say that it put a big
> grin on my face seeing Harp-L still here and still active.
> I'll be looking at the recent archives to see what any FS posts look
> like. If anyone has guidance on this I appreciate it.
> Fweeeep!
> Pete Brunelli

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