[Harp-L] Misc Harmonicas For Sale

Peter Brunelli peter.brunelli@xxxxx
Fri Nov 18 20:20:41 EST 2022

Hi Again,

Here is a list of what I have for sale. I have some higher end harps in 
like-new condx, like an exc+ CX12 and a pair of vg/exc Suzuki MR350's in 
C and G. I also have Hohner MS harps, some Lee Oskar Minor Key harps, 
and replacement reed plates. I would rather sell the Hohner and LO 
minors as lots instead of singles, but let me know and I might break up 
a set if there is enough interest in singles.

The CX12, Suzukis, and the Hit Parader are all like new. No playing 
time. The Hohners are clean, as are the Lee Oskars, but I am not 
polishing anything. I'll combine shipping for multiple pieces.  I prefer 
PayPal at pete at xxxxx

Feel free to make an offer on anything.

Please contact me before buying anything.

Here goes:

CX12 in C, Black, with case $160 shipped (I don't play chromatic. If I 
played this is was not more than an hour combined, ever)

Suzuki Valved MR-350 in G, with box, vg $35 shipped

Suzuki Unvalved MR-350 in C, with box, vg $35 shipped

     Both MR-350's for $60 shipped.

Suzuki Folkmaster in A, w box, vg $20+actual shipping,  or free shipping 
if you add it to another purchase

Wm Kratt Hit Parader in C, plastic comb, original box, vg $20+actual 
shipping,  or free shipping if you add it to another purchase

Hohner MS Harps: Blues Harp in F, Big River Harps in in G, C, Bb and 
Low-F, all in Boxes $100 for the lot

Hohner MS Parts: NIB replacement MS reedplates w new screws, Two in A 
maj, One in Bb maj $65 shipped

Lee Oskar Minor Harps: E-Harmonic-Minor vg no original case (I'll use a 
diatonic case so you have one), A-Harmonic-Minor vg w case, 
F-Natural-Minor vg w case $70 shipped

Lee Oskar Replacement Minor-key reedplates: F-Natural-Minor replacement 
reedplates NIB, Bb Major Diatonic reedplates NIB, C Natural Minor used, 
$45 shipped for all (will bundle with minor harps)

Used LO major diatonic reedplates: These are probably OK but consider 
them crashers to experiment on, 2 x Dmaj, 1 x Amaj $20 shipped

Thanks for looking,


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