[Harp-L] The Thing I Do So Well

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Thu Nov 3 00:31:37 EDT 2022

I look for licensing opportunities for my music via an organization called
Taxi.  They post listings, I respond with music.

Last month Taxi posted a listing for a creepy song about
vampires/stalkers/you get the idea.  I sent in a piece with new music and
lyrics I wrote years ago, and they've posted it with nine other pieces by
various artists on their "Taxi Favorites" page, where they put ten of their
favorite pieces every month.

Since they've posted it publicly, I'm passing on the URL.  Check it out.
The other nine pieces on the page are really good in their respective
genres, so check them out too.

The harmonica on this piece, which is in E minor, is an A harp played in
2nd position. You can hear the major third come in at one point--like
Junior Wells did on occasion. The harp is recorded with a Shure SM58 mic
plugged into an XLR input on my computer audio interface, with reverb added
in the mix.

Enjoy. And remember, it's supposed to be creepy. Don't blame me if it is.

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