[Harp-L] The Thing I Do So Well

Clarke Comollo comollo@xxxxx
Thu Nov 3 00:45:22 EDT 2022

Your link doesn’t end up with your recording

> On Nov 3, 2022, at 12:31 AM, Richard Hunter <rhunter377 at xxxxx> wrote:
> I look for licensing opportunities for my music via an organization called
> Taxi.  They post listings, I respond with music.
> Last month Taxi posted a listing for a creepy song about
> vampires/stalkers/you get the idea.  I sent in a piece with new music and
> lyrics I wrote years ago, and they've posted it with nine other pieces by
> various artists on their "Taxi Favorites" page, where they put ten of their
> favorite pieces every month.
> Since they've posted it publicly, I'm passing on the URL.  Check it out.
> The other nine pieces on the page are really good in their respective
> genres, so check them out too.
> The harmonica on this piece, which is in E minor, is an A harp played in
> 2nd position. You can hear the major third come in at one point--like
> Junior Wells did on occasion. The harp is recorded with a Shure SM58 mic
> plugged into an XLR input on my computer audio interface, with reverb added
> in the mix.
> Enjoy. And remember, it's supposed to be creepy. Don't blame me if it is.
> https://www.taxi.com/songs/featured
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