[Harp-L] Refurbed CX-12-C

Michael Easton diachrome@xxxxx
Wed Nov 2 20:30:05 EDT 2022

Been a long time since I’ve posted here although I do get the digest and have been a member circa 1996.

Anyway, I have some real nice chromatics I purchased from a customers estate and plan on cleaning, tweaking and selling them at fair market value based on their gig ready condition. 

I have a CX-12-C that is in pretty clean condition. I did make some improvements like I do to all chromatics whether a repair, restoration or something I want to sell.  The comb has been flat sanded and repolished along the face, the slide has been de burred and edges rolled for smoother action. Reeds and octaves have been checked. Only one reed slightly sharp with it octave companion.  $165 plus shipping. Sales Tax if you reside in PA. 

Since The digest only delivers every couple days so it’s best to contact me directly if interested. I do have a couple more CX-12’s I’m also cleaning along with some other well maintained chromatics. 

Take Care

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