[Harp-L] Rod Piazza "His Instrumentals"

Gary Calahan glcalahan@xxxxx
Thu Jun 9 01:00:35 EDT 2022

I have been on harp-l since '95 and likely few (except Tom Ellis) would
remember me.  Likely, I hit my best playing years around '97 and due to
marital/divorce, I sold off tons of really awesome gear.  Recently, I have
renewed interest California Jump blues.  Altho there are so many great
chrom players, it is Rod Piazza, William Clarke and recently Dennis
Gruenling that really peaked my renewed interests.

Can anyone help me with the song keys and the key chromatic harps (beside
the big 64 in C) on the Rod Piazza's "His Instrumentals"?   only the chrom
playing in 3rd.  Many of the songs seems to be on 270's in 3rd.

Enjoy and thanks in advance!



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