[Harp-L] Midi Sounds from a Standard Harmonica

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Sun Mar 29 03:01:29 EDT 2020

Richard Trafford-Owen wrote:


“- Is the signal processing capability of the iPad sufficient for

high-quality recordings? I think it might be possible to override the

internal DAC/ADCs, but it didn't look like you were doing this”.


It sounds like you know more about this area than me Richard! AFAIK there
are two ways to record from the iPad:

1.	Record the audio output signal (from headphone or lightnong/USB-C
port) to your DAW.
2.	Do a direct Screen Record, which records video and sound at the same


I was using the second option. The audio sounds very clean to me, but if you
want to explore a better way you’d need to research online – no doubt there
is info out there!


“- I saw your comments relating to on-stage. I'd be interested in any more
info on use in live performance.”


Yes, this was an important area highlighted by Slim. I’m having no problem
with the setup I’m using, and will do a demo video of this aspect shortly.


“- In the case of live performance, if playing through an iPad, can you use

it as an in-ear monitor? I would find it useful to have control over the

band mix, which would be more complex to arrange, requiring other inputs.

However, it might be useful just to have my channel in my ear.”


All the recent audio interfaces for the iPad have a ¼” output plus headphone
jack. I show a basic version in the second YouTube video (updated to the
full Teaching version):

<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKOmkzTwjAM&t=304s> &t=304s


That would allow you to monitor the sound separately from the feed going to
your amp or the PA. Not sure if that answers your question. 

If not, there is an essential iPad app called Audiobus, which has an
on-screen mixer (you can see it in the first video). This shows the levels
of various apps, including your live mic signal. Perhaps that would answer
your query?




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