[Harp-L] MIDI Sounds from a Standard Harmonica

Richard Trafford-Owen richard@xxxxx
Sat Mar 28 16:33:17 EDT 2020


Thanks for another great gift to the harmonica world. Your vids are
fascinating to me and I will procure the in-depth teaching versions to
learn more and support your efforts.

- Is the signal processing capability of the iPad sufficient for
high-quality recordings? I think it might be possible to override the
internal DAC/ADCs, but it didn't look like you were doing this.

- I saw your comments relating to on-stage. I'd be interested in any more
info on use in live performance.

- In the case of live performance, if playing through an iPad, can you use
it as an in-ear monitor? I would find it useful to have control over the
band mix, which would be more complex to arrange, requiring other inputs.
However, it might be useful just to have my channel in my ear.



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