[Harp-L] Charlie McCoy's first recording session as a harmonica player

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Tue Jun 30 14:59:50 EDT 2020

Peter Madcat Ruth wrote: Charlie McCoy's first recording session as a harmonica player was in 1961 when Charlie was 20 years old. The song was "I Just Don't Understand", by Ann-Margret.
About a year or so ago on Harp-L, Mikael Bäckman from Sweden, posted an offer to send any of us a research project he is working on - a comprehensive list of all recordings that Charlie has participated in.  At that time, Mikael also requested our assistance in asking for info on any other recordings, harmonica as well as other instruments, that he may not have included in his discography.  I wonder how many of us, besides me, took him up on his offer.  By cc on this post, I'm asking Mikael's permission to either forward his Charlie McCoy discography to Harp-l'ers who may have missed the opportunity to partake in Mikael's generosity, or perhaps Mikael will send us his latest updated version.  I see that Mikael's discography says that says that Charlie's first recording was the song, "Cherry Berry Wine" from 1961, altho a poster to the song on YouTube claimed it was recorded on Aug. 16, 1960 with Hank Garland on guitar; and Mikael's discography dates "I Just Don't Understand" as 1962.
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