[Harp-L] HFC and ENR

Gary Lehmann gnarlyheman@xxxxx
Mon Jun 8 16:49:10 EDT 2020

This is great news!
I have a Vern Smith unit made from 270 parts, it still works great but as
we know, things can change.
I can vouch for Mike's work, he is first class.
Good on ya for carrying on this important harmonica resource.

On Mon, Jun 8, 2020 at 11:57 AM Michael Easton <diachrome at xxxxx>

> Hi Harpers,
> Been a while since I’ve posted here since I see most of you on Facebook.
> As you may know by now I’ve taken over production of Vern Smith’s Hands
> Free Chromatic and Ergonomic Neck Rack production.
> It’s been a much slower process then anticipated due to a year of health
> issues and learning curve with making the mouthpieces.
> A few things are different about the design compared to the previous
> models. Vern and I had been in discussion and total agreement on what model
> and parts used to make the HFC.
> While Chris Reynolds previously made Corian combs and mouthpieces for the
> HFC it has been revealed that milling and sanding Corian is a severe health
> risk to the person doing it, especially sanding it. I use to work with
> Corian and it did cause respiratory problems despite wearing ppe and having
> air filtration for the room. The dust is very fine and stays airborne for
> quite a while.
> We now use the stock Seydel SS Deluxe harp with its CNC milled comb.
> Modifications are made to the comb for installing the HFC mouthpiece. By
> using the original comb you are able to install any set of Deluxe plates
> down the road without modifying them to fit.
> The original set however is the SS plates.
> The mouthpiece is hand molded rather than milled. This process isn’t as
> easy or cheap as you might think. I’ve invested a couple grand in tools and
> materials to mould the mouthpieces for the Deluxe HFC. The stock color is
> now black which doesn’t stain like the white mouthpieces.
> I’ve been the authorized service tech for HFC’s for over 10 years. I offer
> reconditioning services for older models that may need new springs, Teflon
> tape, black mouthpieces for the Seydel models and general tuning and reed
> replacement.
> I currently don’t offer mouthpiece options for the Hohner model but  I can
> mill Lexan combs if you feel a need to upgrade your  270 comb.
> I also offer refurbishing services on the Ergonomic Neck Rack if you would
> like to replace worn padding and parts.
> The new website domain is Www.CustomChromatics.com
> Take Care
> Mike

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