[Harp-L] HFC and ENR

Michael Easton diachrome@xxxxx
Mon Jun 8 14:57:51 EDT 2020

Hi Harpers,
Been a while since I’ve posted here since I see most of you on Facebook. As you may know by now I’ve taken over production of Vern Smith’s Hands Free Chromatic and Ergonomic Neck Rack production. 

It’s been a much slower process then anticipated due to a year of health issues and learning curve with making the mouthpieces. 

A few things are different about the design compared to the previous models. Vern and I had been in discussion and total agreement on what model and parts used to make the HFC.

While Chris Reynolds previously made Corian combs and mouthpieces for the HFC it has been revealed that milling and sanding Corian is a severe health risk to the person doing it, especially sanding it. I use to work with Corian and it did cause respiratory problems despite wearing ppe and having air filtration for the room. The dust is very fine and stays airborne for quite a while. 

We now use the stock Seydel SS Deluxe harp with its CNC milled comb. Modifications are made to the comb for installing the HFC mouthpiece. By using the original comb you are able to install any set of Deluxe plates down the road without modifying them to fit. 
The original set however is the SS plates. 

The mouthpiece is hand molded rather than milled. This process isn’t as easy or cheap as you might think. I’ve invested a couple grand in tools and materials to mould the mouthpieces for the Deluxe HFC. The stock color is now black which doesn’t stain like the white mouthpieces. 

I’ve been the authorized service tech for HFC’s for over 10 years. I offer reconditioning services for older models that may need new springs, Teflon tape, black mouthpieces for the Seydel models and general tuning and reed replacement. 

I currently don’t offer mouthpiece options for the Hohner model but  I can mill Lexan combs if you feel a need to upgrade your  270 comb. 

I also offer refurbishing services on the Ergonomic Neck Rack if you would like to replace worn padding and parts. 

The new website domain is Www.CustomChromatics.com

Take Care

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