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I like your thought experiment, Smokey-Joe.

Here’s the secret: you’re thinking of moving magnets face to face, like Seydel does.  If you shear them laterally, the force profile is different.  And there are other tricks where you can create virtually any force profile… including, for example, push-pull-push; or soft-stiff-soft. (Although I don’t know why you might necessarily want to do so.)

I’m grateful for the opportunity to talk magnet shop with kindred spirit.  Thanks again for your reply.

Jim “Turbodog” Antaki

and ps, yes and no: I *used* to live on Mt Royal, for about 25 years. But recently moved to Ithaca, NY. Aka middle of nowhere. 


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I agree. I have dozens of magnets. And something I realized back in the 60s when I had 2 small Scotty dogs (one black, one white) that came with Black & White Scotch, was that at a distance there was NO repelling factor. Then when close together there was. 


SO..we're talking about 4mm (.1577") movment to a chromo's slide. Yes, a magnet would work. BUT since a spring has a departure angle beween the legs at about 70-105 degrees with no load, and the spring is loaded once squeezed into the spring retaining hole, there is already a torque of several inch ounces.  


(figures only used as a guide). The tension is about 7 ounces at NO load. When the slide is pushed, the tension is about 8 ounces. All within 4mm. And the tension can be increased or decreased by re-adjusting the departure angle of the spring..to suit. 


I don't see this with magnets. It would take a terribly stong magnet to even start at 7 ounces. Ergo, I feel that a magnet starts out with (virtually) no load or tension. I suppose suitable magnets could be found but as mine are all 'liberated' from electronics, I have yet to find a proper match. SO I see the result is that if one isn't careful as to how they rest their slide button in their hand, on the crease between their index finger and palm (as I do), it would be fairly easy to inadvertantly 'chip into' other notes. Maybe it would sound Ginchy, maybe not. :) 


smokey-joe & the cafes 

p.s. are you the man who lives up on Mt Royal near Shaler high school?  



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(BTW...If they changed one thing...it's possible to prescribe any load profile.) 


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It isn't that great an idea anyway. Starts at no load and goes to full load. Too easy to move slide at no load. 

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> I read the breaking news report from Seydel with amusement. 
> Why? 
> Because Pat Missin and I had collaborated on a magnetic spring for chromatic 
> many many years ago. 1998 to be exact. (Ours was a little more sophisticated 
> than the Seydel version.) At the time, I considered it to be a frivolous 
> academic exercise... not believing that anyone would really want one. 
> Goes to show that "What's new is old." 
> Turbodog 



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