[Harp-L] Chromatic issue please help

Michael Rubin michaelrubinharmonica@xxxxx
Wed May 22 21:12:48 EDT 2019

Thanks for everyone's help.  I'll keep you posted.

Michael Rubin

On Tue, May 21, 2019 at 4:25 PM Richard Hunter <rhunter377 at xxxxx> wrote:

> "Peter M. Ruth" wrote:
> ***
> The resonant chamber inside his mouth is not the proper size or shape for
> that particular note.  It's as if he was shaping the inside of his mouth to
> bending a note but instead of bending it is choking the sound.  I suggest
> he needs to somehow make the resonant chamber inside his mouth either a bit
> bigger or a bit smaller.
> Peace & Joy,
> Peter Madcat Ruth
> ***
> Elegantly put.  I'm convinced.
> I wonder if he would have the same problem playing the same note on a
> diatonic?  The draw 9 pitch on a C chromatic is a D two octaves and a major
> 2nd above middle C. That's draw 8 on a C Richter diatonic, blow 7 on a D
> diatonic, blow 9 on a G diatonic, draw 9 on an A diatonic.
> If he doesn't have a problem playing the note on one of those diatonics,
> then maybe he's changing either or both of his embouchure and/or resonant
> chamber when he plays the chromatic. In that case, maybe suggesting that he
> try playing it the way he'd play it on the diatonic might help.  Asking him
> to imagine he was playing it on the diatonic might help him get into it
> without overthinking it.
> Thanks, Richard Hunter
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