[Harp-L] Chromatic issue please help

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Tue May 21 17:25:35 EDT 2019

"Peter M. Ruth" wrote:
The resonant chamber inside his mouth is not the proper size or shape for
that particular note.  It's as if he was shaping the inside of his mouth to
bending a note but instead of bending it is choking the sound.  I suggest
he needs to somehow make the resonant chamber inside his mouth either a bit
bigger or a bit smaller.

Peace & Joy,

Peter Madcat Ruth
Elegantly put.  I'm convinced.

I wonder if he would have the same problem playing the same note on a
diatonic?  The draw 9 pitch on a C chromatic is a D two octaves and a major
2nd above middle C. That's draw 8 on a C Richter diatonic, blow 7 on a D
diatonic, blow 9 on a G diatonic, draw 9 on an A diatonic.

If he doesn't have a problem playing the note on one of those diatonics,
then maybe he's changing either or both of his embouchure and/or resonant
chamber when he plays the chromatic. In that case, maybe suggesting that he
try playing it the way he'd play it on the diatonic might help.  Asking him
to imagine he was playing it on the diatonic might help him get into it
without overthinking it.

Thanks, Richard Hunter

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