[Harp-L] Petite Fleur - Harp & Uke

Rick Dempster rickdempster33@xxxxx
Mon May 20 21:25:31 EDT 2019

This is something of a work in progress; listening again to Bechet's
version of the tune, I hear that this is a pretty crude approximation. I'll
delete this and upload improved versions as I go.
However, since a pal of mine loaned me his uke a while back, I've practised
more diatonic, with the harp racked, than I have done for years. Why?
because it's more fun to have some chords and some rhythm (I don't warm to
backing trax!)
I could probably play either instrument batter on its own, but I get a kick
out of bumbling around like this. Got a small repertoire of tunes with this
setup. Will post some more down the track. I'm still struggling to get the
Sub30s working properly; not too many people working on them now. Sorry
about the crude uke strumming!


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