[Harp-L] Any Switch Harp players here?

Rick Dempster rickdempster33@xxxxx
Sun May 19 21:31:55 EDT 2019

I have one on the way from Brendan, David.
I have been using modified Sub30s for sometime now,
but it's difficult to get them to work right.
I have ceased overblowing, as I dislike the sound (a single reed, played in
reverse, with no sympathetic
opposing reed supplying overtones, doesn't do it for me, and I've done it
for nearly forty years!)
I have been trying to devise a valved mouthpiece to produce
someting akin to Brenda's 'Unibender'. Breandan appears to
have done it, but has not yet made ir available, due to patent delays.
I am buying a switchharp setup because retuning a Sub 30 to F (a key I need
is just too problematic.
I play chrom as well, but don't waht that sound in all the music I play.
Also, of late I've been playing harp in a rack, so I don't really want to
have to push a button.

On Mon, 20 May 2019 at 07:15, David Fairweather <dmf273 at xxxxx> wrote:

> Unless I'm out on a blues gig where a regular old diatonic would be most
> appropriate,  my harps of choice for my own enjoyment are the Lekholm DM-48
> and the Switch Harp from Brendan Power.   These are 21st Century harps full
> of fun and exploration for the adventurous.  The DM-48 has a pretty steep
> learning curve but once that hill is climbed, its possibilities are
> infinite.  We can talk about that another time.  The Switch Harp is much
> more accessible, pocket sized and also full of possibilities.   But I
> rarely hear about anyone here using it.   Why not?

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