[Harp-L] Who would like to give me lessons on how to overblow via Skype?

Richard Hammersley rhhammersley@xxxxx
Mon Feb 4 12:47:26 EST 2019

Maybe this is a bit cheeky, but I have now bought a decent customised harp from Antony Danneker and I want to learn to overblow. Now there are loads of you guys offering Skype lessons so I feel it is a bit of a buyers' market.  Please reply off list telling me why I should choose you and how much it will cost per session, I have a realistic view of the cost of music lessons. I can ‘nearly’ hit overblows, but it is not consistent and often the note simply chokes. I also use valved harps - have six XB-40s, but as many of you will know these are cool but I find them insufficiently stable for any public performance (unless you are Winslow Yerxa). The new harp clearly can do overblows should it be in the mouth of someone competent. 

You should know - I have been playing a long time, but I am usually lazy with the practice and have a poor memory for tunes. But, I am probably intermediate/ semi-pro anyway, judged by that other musicians like playing with me. Oh I play guitar too and understand music theory to some extent.  But, I am completely self-taught. 

I am in the UK, cos time zones matter. 

I will be an entertaining student because I am into free jazz, sound poetry and generally more interesting stuff than imitating Little Walter. (Besides I would imitate Walter Horton if I could). 

Anyone interested? Like I wrote, please reply off list. 

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