[Harp-L] Harmonica Sampler Packs ?

Burke Trieschmann burket@xxxxx
Mon Feb 4 05:02:25 EST 2019


Check out.
Wondering if any \ Harp-l-ians may have played on the creation of the loops of this sample pack or others?  They do not credit the player.  There are several other virtual harmonica instruments and libraries that have content created by some top players out there too, which you can trigger as samples or as a sampler instrument (Native Instruments Kontakt or other).  I was interested when I found this particular library.  Not so bad.  I am reminded of the hit "Timber" and the controversy over it being a rip of an older Lee Oskar song riff.  Regardless, it brought the harmonica back into the Pop music dance floor for a short while, and it is really one of the main hooks of the song.  Close your eyes if the visuals are too, um... distracting.

Maybe some of the licks from this sampler may end up on another Pop or Dance hit or we can make more of our own for the next big thing?   

2- bits- Thanks 
Burke T.- Audio Producer/ Harp Tech
Open Door Productions/ Open Door Harmonicas

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