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Connor James Frontera cfrontera@xxxxx
Thu Sep 13 23:27:18 EDT 2018


This year at SPAH (2018) I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Alan from Golden Bird Harmonicas. As we spoke, he informed me about many of the successes of Golden Bird, but If you search for these harmonicas online, you will most likely be unable to find them because they are not widely available in the U.S...until now! I have a limited amount of Golden Bird harmonicas to jump start some circulation in the United States.

These harmonicas are extremely good for the current asking price, and even serious harmonica players should consider owning at least a few of them. They play well out of the box, are put together nicely, and have many great features that I will speak about in full over the next few days in product review videos. I will also be featuring these harmonicas on my Podcast, Harp House, and my YouTube channel. Links will be provided as soon as possible.

Models Available:

Premium Diatonic Model - All Keys ($29.99 ea.)

Chromatic (Gold / Silver) - Key of C ($79.99 ea.)

Beginner Diatonic model - All Keys ($6.99 ea.)

They come singularly and in sets. All Premium Diatonic models have colored cover plates that can mixed and matched to your liking (provided that color is currently available).

The first large shipment is expected to arrive sometime in late October or early November. I have already begun taking pre orders for these harmonicas and they are moving fast so please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested. I am available most times during the day, so feel free to call or email whenever. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Connor Frontera

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