[Harp-L] Someone might have hacked my email

Doug Schroer dougharps@xxxxx
Sat Sep 15 13:35:36 EDT 2018

Michael, it may or may not have been hacked.

You should ask that he look at the details to check the email address of
origin. Often a spammer may copy the name that shows, but still send the
email from a different address than yours, no hacking involved.

They are spoofing your name in the hope that a reader will see your name
and click on the link.


Fake emails like this sent in my name have happened before with a friend
receiving mail not really from me. Once I even received email supposedly
from myself.

After closer examination by the recipient and in the self receipt case,
examination of the address by myself,  *neither* email was sent from my
account. The spammer was just using my name to spoof my identity.


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