[Harp-L] The Video Review As Promised (Golden Bird Diatonic Harmonica)

Connor James Frontera cfrontera@xxxxx
Fri Sep 14 14:47:18 EDT 2018

The Video Review As Promised


Golden Bird Diatonic Harmonica

Golden Bird Harmonica Co. has been making quality instruments since 1978. This diatonic harmonica brings every player, novice and pro, a top quality instrument at an affordable price. Reinforced cover plates and durable phosphor bronze reeds make these harmonicas strong and long lasting. Whether you are playing blues, folk, country, or any other kind of music, Golden Bird Harmonicas will allow you to fly!

Cover Plates: Reinforced Stainless Steel (Every harmonica comes with colored cover plates. The color is random but can be one of the following: Gold/Silver/Electric Blue/Hematite Black/Bronze/Royal Purple/Matte Blue).

Reeds: Phosphor bronze

Comb: White Plastic with Gold Key Stamp

Construction: Screws

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