[Harp-L] harp case dividers

Robert Hale robert@xxxxx
Sat Oct 27 17:02:16 EDT 2018

My harp student found these as a great replacement for his case with
worn-out foam.
Bonus is increased density: that is, more harps in the case than foam could

He just Googled "drawer dividers" and found them on Amazon.

The real miracle here is that the notching system is 2 x 3 and fits a
diatonic harp on end perfectly!
Years ago, I made a similar grid out of Plastic Canvas from Michael's arts
and crafts, and hot glued it together. Very effective.

This is even better. More rigid, yet cuts easily with stout household
Just hot glue the perimeter to keep them from ever sliding apart.

Oh, another thought: I bought 3 packages, because my kit is a converted CD
carrier. Upper and lower sections of that case each accommodate a 5 x 5
grid, or 25 + 25 slots, total pockets for 50 harps.

I have 12 standard Lee Oskar harps plus some High and Low octaves I tooled
up with solder. Also, a full set of Spiral, plus several Low octaves. Kit
includes several Minor Draw - Major Blow harps (is that called Dorian?
Think: Santana, You've Got To Change Your Evil Ways)

And two of Lee Oskar's "blues tuning" not in production but heard in
several live recordings. He was kind enough to coach me over the phone one
day for that tuning. You can hear it here about 40 seconds in.
https://goo.gl/iDTv4w He is playing that tuning thru an octave down pedal
preceded by an auto-wah pedal. Probably some echo delay, too. Also right at
the head here: https://goo.gl/Wyj7iC

Robert Hale
Serious Honkage in Arizona

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