[Harp-L] Double tongue blocking?

Mick Smith amicksmith@xxxxx
Sat Oct 27 21:47:29 EDT 2018

I have read about the 2 styles of single note playing, pucker and tongue block but I don't think I use either.  I taught myself to play by rolling up my tongue and using it to direct air flow at one hole only, and to bounce it off for chords.  I could play simple tunes by holding the harmonica with my teeth and moving my tongue left and right over 4 holes maybe.  Dentures prevent that any more, and I usually used a horse collar anyway.
Does anyone else play like this?  I haven't played for 40 years but am now relearning and have decided on chromatic and solo tuned for Irish traditional and Gospel music where notes are more important than bends and chords.  I am exploring pucker and tongue block but neither seems as intuitive as tongue-roll to me, except center  blocking for octaves or intervals seems appealing.  I do plan to explore them enough to know what tools are available.
I am fascinated by the talk on positions and modes, as much of Irish music is modal, and my ear/brain is starting to grasp the feel of it.  My plan is to learn to hear and feel it first, then analyse it.  People I know who learn the tech first seem to struggle more learning to play by ear later.

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