[Harp-L] Will Wilde harmonica tuning

Gary Lehmann gnarlyheman@xxxxx
Sun Nov 18 09:58:37 EST 2018

I'm with Richard, harmonicas are all about chords.
Having said that, I just finished a diminished diatonic (Lucky 13) for a
Horses for courses, I reckon.

On Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 6:51 AM Richard Hunter <rhunter377 at xxxxx> wrote:

>  jaguire wrote:
> <Has this been discussed on harp-l?I was looking at the Will Wilde
> harmonica videos on <YouTube.? Looks pretty darn cool. Hohner should make
> these. You can purchase them <on will wilde website.
> FYI, Seydel will make a diatonic with any tuning you like for a moderate
> charge on top of their usual prices.
> Regarding's Wilde's tuning: I don't recall anyone discussing it here, but
> as with all things harmonica, I bet we all get around to it sooner or
> later.
> In general, the first thing I want to know about any tuning is what chords
> and chord types I can play with it.  You can't play a major 7th or minor
> 7th/9th chord on a standard Richter, but you can play either one on a
> Melody Maker or Natural Minor.  Then I ask what expressive moves are
> available, e.g. do I get more draw bends in useful places.  Finally, I ask
> how much work I have to do to learn it.  Melody Maker/Paddy Richter/Natural
> Minor/Dorian Minor tunings are all simple variations on standard Richter,
> and the learning curve for all of them is pretty short.  More radical
> variations (e.g. the Powerbender) take more time and effort to learn, and
> that has to be balanced against the benefits of the expanded chord palette.
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