[Harp-L] Will Wilde harmonica tuning

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Sun Nov 18 09:51:18 EST 2018

 jaguire wrote:
<Has this been discussed on harp-l?I was looking at the Will Wilde
harmonica videos on <YouTube.? Looks pretty darn cool. Hohner should make
these. You can purchase them <on will wilde website.

FYI, Seydel will make a diatonic with any tuning you like for a moderate
charge on top of their usual prices.

Regarding's Wilde's tuning: I don't recall anyone discussing it here, but
as with all things harmonica, I bet we all get around to it sooner or later.

In general, the first thing I want to know about any tuning is what chords
and chord types I can play with it.  You can't play a major 7th or minor
7th/9th chord on a standard Richter, but you can play either one on a
Melody Maker or Natural Minor.  Then I ask what expressive moves are
available, e.g. do I get more draw bends in useful places.  Finally, I ask
how much work I have to do to learn it.  Melody Maker/Paddy Richter/Natural
Minor/Dorian Minor tunings are all simple variations on standard Richter,
and the learning curve for all of them is pretty short.  More radical
variations (e.g. the Powerbender) take more time and effort to learn, and
that has to be balanced against the benefits of the expanded chord palette.
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