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Greg Heumann greg@xxxxx
Sun Jan 14 10:57:03 EST 2018

I tested the Alesis unit, as well as many others, wen Samson discontinued the Airline 77. First off, it was pretty huge. But more importantly I didn?t care for ANY of the Bluetooth units (with the exception of the Line 6 G10, which is, like the Samson, not available in detachable XLR  transmitter format). I found their limited range to be scary - 60 feet is ideal for bluetooth - in actuality it can be much less. Some also had latency issues (the time it takes to digitize your signal, then re-convert it to analog at the other end.) Even a small, but perceptible delay will really mess with your  timing. 

There is also an XLR transmitter in a system available from Pyle. It was also unacceptable.


> this may be the only alternative.
> Alesis MicLink Wireless Digital Microphone Adapter
> http://trix.ws/lsagK <http://trix.ws/lsagK>
> 2.4 GHz spectrum; 14 Channels; 60 ft. range
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"You?re going to like the way you sound. I guarantee it."

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