[Harp-L] Huntersounds Mustang patchset--samples and updates

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Sun Jan 14 13:38:50 EST 2018

Hi all,

I've updated the page devoted to my patchsets for the Fender Mustang I-V


--to include samples of the sounds, recorded by a Zoom H4 right off the
grill of a Mustang III, with a Shure SM58 the only thing between the harp
and the Mustang.  Enjoy.

In related news, I'm putting together a video review of the Mustangs, from
which the audio samples were taken. The current plan is to publish the
review to Dave Barrett's bluesharmonica.com site as a followon to Dave's
review of the Mustang I not long ago.  That would make it available to
bluesharmonica.com subscribers.

Also related is my advice to users of these amps regarding microphones: the
Audix Fireball is not the recommended mic for use with the Mustang
patchsets.  It's a patchset for blues players. The Audix isn't the first
choice mic for blues.  My current fave is the Shure SM58--I love the way
the proximity effect fills in the tone with the Mustang patch set.  My
guess is that players who own one of Greg Heumann's Ultimate 57/58 mics are
going to like the Mustang with my patchset plenty.

As I note in my spoken intro to the samples on my page, it's best to think
of the Mustang amps as a collection of amps, each with their own character,
in a single cabinet.  Thanks to a very familiar set of dials, and a very
convenient set of pushbuttons, you can really do a lot with this amp (the
Mustang III and up in particular) in performance without having to go up
much of a learning curve.

As you can see, I'm enjoying the Mustangs.  Check out the page and see what
you think.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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