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Ring up music stores ask what they charge for lessons. Figure out what the standard rate is and charge the same. Charge by the month, charge for cancellations with allowances for make-up lessons
Then try advertising on Craigslist. It's free, and may work for you. It's in the UK. If that doesn't work talk to guitar and piano teachers and find out what works for them.

craigslist | united kingdom

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craigslist | united kingdom




Good Luck,
Glenn Wesier

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Hi all,
I live in the UK and am thinking about giving harp lessons here. I?m hoping some of you would be kind enough to offer me some advice and tips about getting started. Things like where best to advertise, how much would be a reasonable fee for lessons etc. I don?t really want to do Skype lessons as I much prefer to teach face to face.
Any advice would be much appreciated 


Glenn Weiser

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