[Harp-L] Dorian in 12 keys (diatonic harp)

Laurent Vigouroux laurentharp@xxxxx
Sun Feb 4 15:29:29 EST 2018

Objet: Dorian in 12 keys (diatonic harp)
Date: 04/02/2018 21:28
De: Laurent Vigouroux <laurentharp at xxxxx>
À: harp-l at xxxxx

Hello all

I've made an attempt of impro in dorian in the 12 keys. There are still 
some problems in terms of pitch accuracy and time but I would be glad to 
receive some feedback from the list.

The video is there:

Recorded in several takes (had to re-record some lines in the trickiest 
Harp: Brodur/Charlier in C lydian
Playback: Band in a Box



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