[Harp-L] Third semitone down Draw 3 (Re: Draw bend 5)

Orjan Hansson (harpoh) harpoh@xxxxx
Sun Feb 4 16:28:40 EST 2018

Robert Hale wrote about "Third semitone down Draw 3":

"I don't find it useful in 2nd position, but in 3rd position, it is the 
nice half-step passing tone from the 5th to 4th of the minor scale.
Clay Kirkland uses this in his tune Wintertime."

Well, Edith Piaf's "Milord" lays out nicely in 2nd position but requires 
all three draw bends on hole 3 (as well as draw bends on holes 2 and 4). 
This tune is a good practice for getting the draw bends on pitch, as 
well as glissandos between them.

Orjan in Gothenburg, Sweden

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