[Harp-L] mea culpa – 5-draw bend goof

Tom Halchak info@xxxxx
Sun Feb 4 14:34:23 EST 2018

A couple of people have correctly pointed out that my math was wrong on the
comments I posted about temperaments.  I stated that with 7-Limit Just
Intonation, with the 5-blow being 14 cents flat and the 5-draw being 29
cents flat that the interval is 115 cents.  That is incorrect.  I have it
backwards.  The interval is only 85 cents, which, aside from my lack of
math skills also pokes holes in my suggestion that you could potentially
draw bend the 5 a bit more on a 7-Limit that say on an ET harp or a

My apologies if this caused a tear in the space-time continuum.

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