[Harp-L] Melodies with low bends (was Re: Video about "clean"overblows)

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Tue Aug 14 11:59:52 EDT 2018

Thanks for coming back on this Laurent. It could be that a lot of the pros on this Forum have already discussed this topic extensively over the years.


Thanks for the info on the harp, I would be interested to see your review. I feel it's time to invest in a full custom harp and I'm looking at a couple of Customisers in Europe at present.





Yes this method is for Vibrato only. I have in the past played all OB's without vibrato and so this was a new experiment for me and it is a useful way to colour the note when required. I have also been trying to use a Jaw/mouth vibrato but as I am new to it I can't quite get the sustained vibrato yet with this method.




By the way, you play very well on all your soundcloud tunes. This would deserve a better recording in my opinion. You use the internal mic of your PC, don't you? It would be so much cleaner with an USB mike.


Thanks! Yes most of my stuff is just recorded through the PC and sometimes my Smartphone but even that isn't great quality. I do own a Zoom H2n recorder which I'm beginning to use more now and I can use it as a stand alone recorder or usb it through to the PC into Audacity.




You will certainly hear a quality issues with the 'Oblivion' track. I originally recorded this for Youtube https://youtu.be/_NWnJLZSJYk  It is a beautiful song and I first heard it played by Maxime Trouve on Richter Diatonic (He did an excellent Tango version, I wish I still had access to it but the Forum on which it appeared no longer exists). 

Maxime  was kind enough to provide me with the backing track on which he played piano. I have played with a standard ballad rhythm on my take (not the Tango of the original.)


This is a song which  I feel can take the OB well even though they are exposed as held notes. There are two OB's on 6 in the song and I have just played them straight. 


There are quite a lot of low hole bends and as always they take a lot of concentration. Some of these can be scooped into from one bend to another which makes it a bit easier than 'Ode' where the bent notes are played isolated.




BTW I thought you nailed that OB on Autumn leaves, nice and smooth.



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