[Harp-L] Harp-L Digest, Vol 180, Issue 2

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Mon Aug 13 11:47:07 EDT 2018

"Brian Stear" wrote:
<How many of you play your RP thru a powered speaker? Normally I play
through the PA, but I?m playing a gig where all the channels are taken, so
I have to find another route. I have a couple of options....one is to <plug
my RP500 into my 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb ( not my first choice ). Or, I
can rent a Peavey KB-100. Or rent a powered speaker. Just playing with a
solo acoustic artist. What would you do? Or do do?
<Thanks for any and all help

I would NOT plug the RP into a Deluxe Reverb.

A powered 10" or 12" speaker should work well.  15" speakers aren't tops
for harmonica.  However, I've used a Peavey KB/A 100 with a 15" speaker
(and high frequency horn) on a number of occasions, and it worked fine.

I repeat: the deluxe reverb is NOT a good choice.  A modeled amp on top of
a tube amp isn't a great sound.

So if a powered speaker isn't available, go with the KB/A 100.  It'll

Regards, Richard Hunter

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