[Harp-L] DM-48 impressions

David Fairweather dmf273@xxxxx
Wed May 10 23:32:30 EDT 2017

1.  Richard Hunter is correct that some of the issues I have with the DM-48
might not be issues for someone using different hardware and software in
their midi setups.   And I'm not a complete novice to this sort of thing
either.   I was, however new to REASON which is the only PC software
mentioned in the DM48 manual.   I figured I go with their recommendation,
 but I'm sure there there are plenty of other DAWs out there that would
work equally well or better.

2.  Richard is also correct that making a harmonica "sound" like a guitar
involves a lot more than finding a good guitar synth patch.   You'd need to
be intimately familiar with how a guitar is supposed to sound in terms of
realistic strum sounds and note selections and then you'd have to expert at
mimicking that on a harmonica.   It's not even easy to make a midi
harmonica sound like a HARMONICA,  so making it sound like a guitar is way
beyond anything I'd attempt.   I'm happy if it just sounds like ME,  which
I think my video demo does.


3. And Michael Rubin is correct that the DM-48 is pretty much "Plug & Play"
if you have Garageband, which is free software that runs on Mac,  iPhone
and iPad.     I tried it on an old iPad and it worked fine with no setup
necessary.   But I think the sounds on REASON are a lot nicer.  The iPad
sounds more like a toy.  But its very convenient for mobile play and
practice.  I even took mine to the beach today!  For performance,  the
manual recommends streaming from your iPhone or iPad to a Mac via network
midi and describes how to set that up.

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