[Harp-L] Harp-L Digest, Vol 165, Issue 12: Harmonica as a MIDI controller

Richard Hammersley rhhammersley@xxxxx
Thu May 11 05:10:55 EDT 2017

Hi y’all
I have quite a lot of experience with electronic music:
Anyone who wants to experiment with using a harmonica as a MIDI controller could try out this software - the limited version is free see review:


It is designed for guitar, but as it converts audio to MIDI on the fly, it will accept input from a harmonica (or indeed any sound source). Results are variable. The DM-48 sounds like it is great but Midi Guitar can play real bends which is a bonus for harmonica players. On the other hand any dodgy pitches you play will be represented in the MIDI and sound worse than they did in passing on the harmonica.

Personally, having experimented with it, I decided that when I wanted to input MIDI a keyboard was easier and gave better control, even with my very limited keyboard skills, but that is not to say that someone might not find it useful for harmonica. I have not taken it far enough to comment on whether it could be played live. 


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