[Harp-L] All Overbends Are Not Created Equal?

Tin Lizzie TrackHarpL@xxxxx
Thu Mar 16 21:23:52 EDT 2017

I still haven’t played an overblow in public, but I’m inching closer.  Well, millimetering closer.

I do gap my own harps.

6 overblow is increasingly consistent.  7 overdraw is a real bear.  Maybe 4 overblow is a bit easier than 5 overblow?

Does the difference in pitches between the natural blow and draw notes for a given chamber affect the difficulty of playing an overbend?  Is it harder when the natural blow/draw notes are a half step apart rather than a whole step apart  (or more, in the case of 10 overdraw)?

Thanks in advance,
Tin Lizzie

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