[Harp-L] Bass harmonica on stage

George Miklas harmonicat@xxxxx
Sat Jun 24 10:21:30 EDT 2017

IMHO,  Add an active EQ to the SM-58.  With the tap of the toe, the mic
goes from acoustic harp to bass harp.

A better choice for this purpose would be the Shure SM-57, or Sennheiser
e604 due to their extended lows I the frequency response curve.

On Sat, Jun 24, 2017 at 10:17 AM <tmcg at xxxxx> wrote:

> I am looking for advice on the best way to amplify bass harmonica on
> stage. I play in a Jimmy Buffett tribute act, and we will be playing Smart
> Woman (in a Real Short Skirt). It's got some nice bass harp throughout,
> including the low E. For prior (no bass harp) shows, I've been playing
> through my vocal mic--a SM58 Beta for acoustic harp tunes, and through a
> bullet-style mic to a small Fender amp (that's mic-ed)for the crunchy harp
> tunes.  We have an eight piece band that's pretty loud. I was going to try
> to play the bass harp through the vocal mic, but I think it not going to
> cut through all the other instruments.  I'm also limited to my two inputs
> into the sound board. I'm thinking maybe a clip on style mic for the bass,
> and an A/B switch for the Fender amp. Any suggestions for which mic to
> consider buying, and/or how to set up a suitable rig to project the bass
> harp? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
> Tom McGovern
> Richmond, MI
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